Wednesday, May 7, 2014

#BringBackOurGirls: Hana Stephen

Her name is Hana. Hana Stephen. Her name means Grace and Crown. And I pray that tonight she is crowned in grace and mercy. I pray that she is blessed among women and that she finds solace in the peace of our Savior. Where she is, I don't know. Neither does her mother. Or her sisters or brothers or her father for that matter. She may not even know herself. You see, Hana was taken.

This young girl has been stolen away from her home and her family. Plucked from the school in which she was gaining a future and thrust into a life where her future seemed bleak at best. She is in a place where humanity is sold for less than the cost of a pizza. And it makes me ill.

My youngest daughter is 6. In mere days she will be seven, which puts her two years away from prime marrying age, according to the shadow of humanity who has stolen Hana and her schoolmates. Two years, and in another country my daughter with her silly smile and her goofy antics would be seen as prime real-estate. Not to mention my oldest. At thirteen she is well into the age of a marriageable miss, one to join the ranks of other wives and slave away in the dark places of the human soul.

 And my jaw sets and my heart trembles to think of it. To imagine some one ripping my girls, MY GIRLS our of my home and I know that if it were to happen here, where my coffee is hot and my house is sufficient, that there would be an outcry of utmost proportions. My own actions towards the captors would be in need of a blind eye from the authorities. There is no wrath like a mother fighting for her babes.

But who is standing for these girls? Hana is some one's daughter too. I know in my mamma's heart that her mother is fighting. That her mamma rises each day after a sleepless night and prays for the safety of her girl. And I want to know, where is the outrage for her? I beseech you, dear reader-be outraged. Flood the arenas in which you live with news of these girls. Demand that our world take note and take action. And if you are a believer in the power of prayer, choose a name. Because a name has power. It is real, and it is tied to a girl who needs you. Let's bring her home.

Goodnight Hana, my daughter, my sister, my friend. May you be blessed among women. May you wear a crown of grace. And may you find peace in your heart. Blessings on your head.


  1. Sharing this did I miss it! I love the idea of choosing a name. #bringbacokourgirls

  2. It's so much more powerful with a name, isn't it?