It has been ages since I’ve been here with  Kate and the Five Minute Friday gang. Here’s to new words.



Collect me,Five-Minute-Friday-4

Wild and free like the falling leaves

That October has called home.

Collect me,

Like you tug at your shirt sleeves,

Prim & proper while skipping stones

That dance on water and fly away with your dreams.

Collect me,

Like the kisses you stole

Beneath mama’s porch light

When we were young and life called

Whispering promises that shined oh so bright.

Collect me,

Like the darkness that gathered

As the waves danced with the shoreline

The night we made promises we said our hearts would keep

For years to come and through lives to live and souls that weep

‘Till we saw nothing but each other and the fading light behind our eyes.

Collect me,

Like the veil you lifted

When your eyes shown with tears

And your finger sparkled gold

When the world was a song.

Collect me,

Like the memories we’ve shared

Frozen in time and pictures and

Frames that are still shots in my mind.

Collect me,

Like you took the pieces of my heart

And stitched them back together.

Collect me. 





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