My bible study has been focusing on the Priscella Schriver study “Armor of God” and for the last 2 weeks we’ve stayed on the chapter of faith. Last week I spoke, sharing my heart and testimony with tears in my eyes and a vulnerability that I’m unaccustomed to. I’ve spent the days since wondering if I spoke too much-shared more of myself in a space where I’m not completely comfortable. But I followed through on what I felt I should. Since sharing each day has been touched with stories of infertility or adoption-or both.

In these few weeks I’ve been praying that God would show me where I need to step out in faith. What it is that he is calling me to that stretches me beyond the level of comfort and ease. Each time a whisper comes back to me…love my children.

I am a mom. This should be easy. The maternal bliss that is supposed to fill our world should be ever present in my life. But motherhood is hard. Joy may come in the morning, but it is accompanied by strong coffee and prayers for just a few moments of quiet. I think this is normal. Most moms feel this way. But some days, motherimg_2205hood seems impossible. Some days it is stepping out in faith that makes it possible.

I think when he whispers in my heart to love his children, it comes without coincidence that this is November-National Adoption Month.

This month my social media feeds will be flooded with stories of adoption and forever families and my heart will be flooded with memories of our own adoption stories. And each day I will try and do what I’m asked-to step out in faith, even when it seems so hard. To love those who often make it hardest to love them. To see His handy work and let Jesus love them through me. Because it is in faith he has called me to adopt. In faith he has required of me my all and given me his strength. In faith I will step into this calling and believe the unbelievable-that in his grace he has made me a mother. What are you being called to step out in faith to? This month would you consider how your family can support those who long for their own forever family?

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