I’m not represented by a giant publishing company and agent. I don’t have fancy-shmancy critically acclaimed reviews. What I do have are two down to earth books that have received stellar reviews from people just like you and me. 

This blog was the catalyst to my first book, No Maybe Baby. What started as a way for me to work through my own experience with infertility and give my friends and family a place to understand what we went through, turned instead to a piece of my heart on the pages of a paperback. The whole premise behind No Maybe is to offer love, hope and support to other women and couples who have or are facing infertility. What I learned is that infertility is a lonely road with an absence of resources. I want to change that. The second component of No Maybe chronicles our journey through foster-adoption. There are so many kiddos out there in this wide world of ours that need a home, and if I can bring awareness to this as well, then my work here is done. I’d love it if you checked out this memoir. You can find it by clicking on the link to your left,

 at Tate PublishingAmazon, and if you’re on the Olympic Peninsula, at The Good Book in Sequim. 

My second book, Fearfully Made,  is just for fun. This one’s a novel that takes you home and brings you back again, but isn’t afraid to talk about the tough stuff on the journey. Here’s the skinny on Fearfully Made: 

Mae Fairchild swore she’d never return to Jackson, MT. But with a divorce hot off the press and an unexpected baby in the backseat, back home with her Gran is exactly where she’s headed. In her mind, Jackson is the boring home of her youth, but things in this sleepy little town and her own life are not all as she remembers. Soon Mae finds herself at the mercy of her Gran’s whit, matchmaking and community service at Sarah’s Place, the local pregnancy help center. Here Mae is forced to face her long lost faith and decide which is more important: supporting a friend even though her choice may go against Mae’s own beliefs, or loving her though it. To guide her way Mae dives into the old journal and love letters between her beloved Gran and Gramps and uncovers a love story from the past that just may make Mae open her eyes to a very real love story of the present. A story of faith, love and redemption, Fearfully Made is sure to have you both laughing and crying and examining your own answer to the question of whether it is better to love in a time of hardship or lose it all.

If you want to check out this one, go ahead and make a trip on over to Amazon.

Now, how about those reviews? 

Reader Responses for No Maybe Baby:

I have several friends and family that are or have struggled with infertility. It has always been such a taboo topic and never talked about, so like the huge elephant in the room, I just tried to ignore it. Marcy’s book gave such insight into the personal trials of a family struggling with infertility. Breaking out of the shadows and sharing her story has helped me to better understand what my friends and family are going through, and how I can be a better friend and support for them. It’s not the same journey for everyone, but at the very least this book is putting the subject of infertility out there so we can talk, laugh, and cry about it as sisters, cousins, aunts, and friends. Marcy tells her story in a way that is so real, so raw and juxtaposed with just enough laugh out loud moments and “amen sister” moments to keep such a delicate subject from becoming too overwhelming. Reading this book is like sitting down to a cup of coffee with a long time friend.~A. Davis

This is a topic that nobody ever talks about, yet everyone will deal with at some point or another whether it’s you or your friend. Marcy perfectly portrays the hard truths about the topic of infertility and how she lives that journey. Her openness about the topic sheds important light on how it feels for someone going through infertility and is a helpful guide of what not to say for those that don’t understand. Whether you have 12 kids or 0, read this and begin to understand. I found myself crying and laughing all on the same page! ~Bookie

As a mother of 5 I tried hard to understand the difficulties and emotions that go along with the desire and inability to carry a child when my daughter was unable to conceive. My heart would break each time she called to share yet another disappointing doctors appointment or another difficult and painful test. Desiring to speak healing and peace and being lost in the lack of understanding. (Always hoping a Mothers hug would bring some peace.)
Adoption proved to be but yet another exciting but painful “birthing process.” I had always looked at adoption as a wonderful gift to a child. I now have a clearer understanding of the commitment needed to walk that child through the fear of abandonment to the security of belonging! The hours of labor are not spent in a hospital bed but instead on the knees with a labor of the heart. Working through red tape, misssed appointments,overloaded case workers, sometimes incompetent state officials and rules and laws not conducive to bringing an end to the chaos for the child.
Through her book Marcy brings underestanding to both infertility and the process of adoption that makes you feel better equipted to be a friend, brother, sister, or Mom to a couple dealing with this subject that has been taboo for way to long!
If you are a woman struggling with infertility I can only say you will find a ‘sister in arms’ when you read Marcy’s story. She opens her heart and welcomes you to share with her your own battle.
Be prepared to meet a new friend! ~Montana Reader

I’ve struggled with infertility officially for 5.5 years now and I can’t tell you the advice I’ve gotten to improve the possibility of getting pregnant. BUT, Marcy sure can! She basically wrote my heart down in a book. As I was reading I kept needing to stop and take another tissue to my eyes as I cried over and over again because I knew exactly how she felt. And more than that, I didn’t know how to feel. Should I feel upset when people give me the same friendly advice? Should I ban all pregnant women from my facebook page until they are past sharing their pregnancy experiences that I may never get to experience? Or, nod and smile and thank them for their advice? What should I feel? Well, Marcy sure helped me feel free to feel what I already felt. And now I also know that I am not alone in feeling this way. I also have a feeling of freedom to express my emotions too, where as before I read this, I bottled it all up inside. In order to completely understand, direct experience is a must. But if you were one of the fortunate ones to become pregnant and don’t understand how we feel, this book is a must read. Get ready to cry your eyes out as this is one of the most emotionally expressed books I’ve ever read. MUST read for everyone!~Weezer

Reader Responses for Fearfully Made:

I was easily drawn in this book by the easy dialogue of the central character – even while the situation she is facing is a heavy one. Anyone that grew up in a small town and left or wanted to leave will immediately connect with the struggles she faces as well as those characters that every small town seems to have. However the author touches on some very deep issues with a slant that is not often talked about and she brings a depth to her characters that drew me in completely and had me thinking about these very real, very difficult situations. Even if you predict the outcome of the book, you won’t be disappointed with the way the author brings it about! Solid writing and a great read! Chick-lit with substance! ~Cindergirl88

A heartwarming story of growing up…renewing love and relationships. A show of love and support that will find you asking yourself “How would I respond”??and praying for a heart filled with Grace and Mercy.~Montana Reader

In this story Mae, the main character, finds out just how important family is. When Mae left home to go to college, she wanted out of her small town and away from the people. Now Coming back to her hometown, as an adult, she is able to see, with her Gran’s and God’s help, how good she had it growing up. ~Amazon Customer

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this book to my young granddaughters. It is a sweet story of hope in the face of some of life’s hard challenges…grace in the midst of harsh reality. ~Mary Johnston

I would love it if you checked them out and let me know your thoughts!

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